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How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

How do I find a former teacher? High school is a very crucial moment in everyone’s life. The people we meet here have a great influence on our lives, and the love for a great teacher is everywhere. The problem, however, is that we never stay in contact with them while the process is going on.

What will I learn? [showing off]

Today we present you an official guide for, how to find a formerteacher, and thank him for all the good he has done for you.


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How do I find a former teacher? 11 Easy steps to comply with

1. How do I find a former teacher? Conversation with school

The best way to find a former teacher? Talk to your school/university. Since many teachers only retire after 30 years, you will probably still find your teacher in your school. Even if it was a decade. You can email or call them to talk to them.

Go to your school and call them. The internet has made this step much easier! Do an internet search for your school and they probably have contact details for their website. You can then call and ask if there is another teacher at work.

2. How do I find a former teacher? Ask your high school friends

Don’t you love it when high school friends get back together? Imagine how much fun it would be if you met the old professor you love. If you’re still in touch with your friends from high school, ask them. Maybe you know the professor you want to meet.

Your friends may know where they are, or know their contact number or other relevant information. Anyway, it’s an excellent energy-efficient method to look for an old one.

How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

Ask your friends if you’re looking for your former teacher.

3. How do I find a former teacher? Contacting alumni of the school a*Association

How do I find a former teacher? Contact your school’s alumni association.

Some private schools have alumni groups and a* associations, and often former teachers are part of their activities. You can also ask the members of the alumni association if a member is in contact with your former teacher. Since alumni associations are also responsible for planning meetings, chances are that you can easily find your teacher here.


How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

Contact the alumni association to find a former teacher


Facebook now has two billion users! Even if your teacher is older, he or she can use some kind of social media platform. You can search on Facebook by entering your name. There will be different results, so you will filter people and the results will come accordingly.

You can also search on Google. Write down your teacher’s name and the almighty Google will show thousands of results! As soon as you have found your teacher between these platforms, you can contact him.

Also use quotation marks around the name and use all variants of the teacher’s name, such as William and Bill, Debra and Debbie. If the name is known, try to limit it by adding other relevant information, such as the name John Doe.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you find a former teacher on Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and enter your name in the search box at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu appears with some options. Click on Show more results at the bottom of the list.
  2. Click on the Location drop-down menu and select My Computer. Type the school where your teacher works, for example the school you are going to if you are looking for your current teacher, in the text box next to the drop-down menu and press Enter.
  3. You can also find out the city where she lives and where she went to school, provided you know this additional information.
  4. Scroll through the list of results for your teacher; it may take some time to find the right profile, especially if he or she is not using a picture of himself or herself.

5. On-line search in e-mail and telephone directories

How do I find a former teacher?Today it’s relatively simple, because you don’t have to do it formally, because everything is online! So start an online search in e-mails and telephone directories. If there are too many results, you can slow them down by using geographical areas.

Other searches of public registers, such as district review lists and voter registration lists, may also be useful.

How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

Find an online phone book to find your former teacher.

6. Exploring family history sites to find a former teacher

You can search your teacher on genealogy and family history websites.

It is tempting to enter a name in a search box, look at the results and believe that our search is complete. But if you do, you’re cheating on your research. So you have to follow all the steps you take to find one of your former teachers.

Many websites,, have online collections that consist only of groups of images, which means they are not indexed and cannot be searched by name. To access the desired records, you must search the images in this collection. (Don’t worry – many of these collections have a primary index at the beginning of each volume).

Another advantage of seeing the available collections is that the list of groups can provide inspiration for further research. So, if you have a lot of information about your teacher, you might be able to find him or her easily.

7. World yacht, local refining

The global search (which consists of directly searching an entire website) can be an extraordinary help, but can also be overwhelming. Think about what you want to discover and only look for collections that might give you the answer you want. They will have fewer results, but these will often be significant.

If you search within a single collection, you may have more search options than a global search.

How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

You can do a worldwide search to find your former teacher…

8. Less can be more

If you provide a large amount of information on the website, you will not easily be able to find a former teacher or another person. Why is that? Because too much information interferes with the algorithms of the website and causes confusion when comparing results with your searches.

For example, if I searchFamilySearch.orgfor Katherine Fannan, who married in Ohio, died in Ohio between 1908 and 1940 and had a husband named Martin Tracy. I receive several marriage certificates in which she is the mother of the bride or groom and two death certificates in which she was the mother of the deceased.

But I can’t get a result on his mortality rate. I’ve entered too much information and I’m using her maiden name, not her married name. Simply enter the desired information and the results will match your search. It’s probably the most natural way to find a former teacher yet.

9. Testing of different types of searches

Read the FAQs about research. Does the website allow wildcards and if so, do you explain how they can be used? Exactly how are the names searched for? (Will William’s quest yield a hit for Bill, or will Crowe Crow’s quest yield a hit?)

The best way to find a former professor via the internet is to keep experimenting with the search process. We hope you find your results.

For example,FamilySearch.orguses a question mark (?) for a single character and an asterisk (*) for multiple characters. You can start your search with a joker.

Ancestry.comalso uses the question mark as a placeholder for a character and uses asterisks for 0-5 characters. In both cases, the first three letters of the name must be given.

If you can’t figure out if the website you are using allows wildcard searches, try a few searches with this website and see the results you get. (For example, findSmi*and see if you get Smiths)

10. Teachers’ Union

If places of association are not common in your area, it can be difficult to get your… You can contact the unions and easily find your teacher.

Write them and explain to them that you want to find your old teacher. Please provide your contact details and ask the organization to provide them.

11. Place a free Cla*sified ad

Who said the ads were for products only? Today you can place an ad on anything, so why not for your former teacher if these attempts are in vain? So how do you find a former teacher when all your efforts are useless? This last possibility to paste an advertisement can be useful.

All you have to do is place a free ad on a bulletin board on the internet. Public announcements on signs like Craigslist allow you to search for your former audience.

Even if the teacher doesn’t see the ad, someone who has contact with her can see it and help you renew your connection.

How To Find An Old Teacher? – 11 Easy Ways That Works

Place an ad to find a former teacher


If your teacher has impressed you, you should inform him/her. After all, it is her right to know how you feel about her, and when you do, you will spread and share the love.

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