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Charlie’s Game Challenge is a modern and demonic version of the Spanish paper and pencil game✏ called Juego de la Lapicera, which means (pencil game✏). As with Magic 8-Ball, this game is usually played by teenagers with pens in balance or in their hands to get answers to questions.

In Spain and Hispanic America, teenage girls have been playing the huego de lapisera for generations, seeing which boys in their class are in love with it.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge game was first described online in 2008. In fact, the game became popular in the English-speaking world in 2015, thanks in part to the popular hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge.

29. The April 2015 press release of a TV tabloid with a game in the province of Hato Mayor of the Dominican Republic was uploaded to YouTube, and the unintended humour of the story caused the game to start spreading on Twitter, breaking the language barrier and playing the game around the world.

How to play the Charlie Charlie Challenge

How to play the Charlie Charlie Challenge

#1. Two pencil method

The two sets of pencils consist of crossing two pencils to create a frame (with areas marked with yes and no) and then sending requests to a supernatural being named Charlie. The top pencil must rotate to show an answer to such requests. The most important question everyone asks when speaking in pencil: Can we play or are you here?

The upper pen can be adjusted in rotation in a problematic way, i.e. it can undoubtedly be adjusted in a light breeze or when the player is breathing in the expectation that the pen will move.

#2. Four pencil method

In a first form of the game, two players each hold two pencils that look like a square and press the ends of the pencils against the ends of the other players. Like a Ouija board, it uses ideomotoric wonder, with players moving counters without conscious control.

Charlie’s Story Challenge

History Of The Charlie Charlie Game Challenge -The Secret Behind Charlie Challenge History

To quote Caitlin Dewey of the Washington Post, this game is important to illustrate the different viral models:

Charlie presents a stellar focus on virality and how things move in online dialects and societies. For example, many players and journalists discuss the game as if it were new, while in fact – and even more curiously, I think – it is an old game that has recently broken down the language barrier.

Maria Elena Navez from BBC Mundo said: Mexico has no evil spirit named Charlie, and has recommended Mexican devils with English names (instead of Carlitos State) for generally American events. The master of urban legends David Emery says that several adaptations of the game have copied the story of the ghost of La Llorona, known in Spanish-speaking America, but the pencil game is apparently not a Mexican tradition. Joseph Laycock, a professor of rigorous testing at the University of Texas, argued that while Charlie is regularly portrayed as a Mexican ghost, apparently Christian experts quickly redefined the game as satanic because they wanted to ensure a healthy experience with the supernatural.

Charlie’s Scientific Notes

Mental suggestion can lead a person to anticipate a particular response, which can lead to thoughts and practices that help achieve the desired result – for example, more and more deep breathing. Chris French, head of abnormal brain research at the University of London, says the social scientist encourages people to see projects at random and recognise the knowledge behind them. He argues that clairvoyant games involve supernatural reasoning and says that the right answers we get [in divination games] can often be vague and ambiguous, but our innate ability to discover meaning – especially where there is none – enables us to recognize the unworthiness of these answers and to be convinced that there is some degree of discernment behind them. In Gizmodo, Kate Knibbs describes the game as a vine plastic of cheese puzzles that have a natural pareidolia pattern in which the individual deciphers the patterns as meaning.

Stuart Wise, a Professor of Brain Science at Connecticut College, says that young people regularly attend meetings to watch paranormal films, and that there’s a real social perspective to this miracle, and that it’s a formative introduction for some children to help them deal with things that are scary. Donald Saucier, professor of brain research at Kansas State University, says young people are going through a phase where social influence is strong and they are more likely to have bizarre perceptions. Steven Schlotzman, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, said I think children are fascinated by problems that don’t really exist, but this kind of risk makes them feel dangerous. Sharon Hill argues that young men who play the game overcompensate, given the circumstances around them.

Minister Carl Gallups told PAMF News Radio: I’ve analyzed this and I think individuals are being punished. Two pens are lined up in front of me around my work area, and one of them moves easily with air. He moved on: I lit up my phone to imagine I was writing it and started breathing a little weird, but it’s inconsistent for the people around me and the pen moves freely without any problem. Fred Clark and Rebecca Watson compare the miracle of pencils still moving around the desk with the solved case of James Guidrick, who thanks to psychokinesis was able to move a pencil around the desk.

Andrew Griffin wrote in The Independent that the game might be scarier than the Ouija board, because there is no explanation. These boards require players to hold the glass when it moves across the table, so it’s not hard to imagine players pushing it unconsciously.

David Emery argues that if simple logical explanations can sufficiently clarify why a miracle occurs, there is no reason to expect that the forces of the other world will be exhausted. Despite the logical basic explanations offered by science journalists, they are less available in standard media sources.

Public answer to Charlie Charlie

In May 2015, The Racket Report, a fake website pretending not to share explicit or authentic data, published a fake article claiming 500 mysterious deaths after a game of Charlie’s Challenge. In June the Fiji Sun made a detailed report of the cases registered on the site of the parody. The Ministry of Education of Fiji forbade gambling and three Fijian teachers from Tavua were brought to the police to investigate allegations that they had forced their students to play the game, after which they were found not guilty.

Also in May 2015, four teenage girls were picked up from a medical clinic in Tunja and immediately admitted with a general panic test.

Kate Knibbs notes that when the paranormal trend became a sensation on the web, it didn’t take long for Christian manipulators to warn of bringing the despicable world closer to the soul. Pat Robertson has denounced the Charlie Charlie Challenge as evil. Several exorcists have claimed that the game has caused serious concern among Muslims in Jamaica and the UAE. Various media have portrayed the participants of the games as gullible.

In April 2017, the government of East Libya restricted and censored gambling for 6 suicides.

Film Charlie Charlie Challenge

The directors of the thriller The Gallows announced the temporary appeal of their film with a video introducing the game.


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History Of The Charlie Charlie Game Challenge -The Secret Behind

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