Book Review : Learn the basics of coding in RuthonLately I’ve been looking for a book or two to learn how to code in Python, but for children 10 years and older. There are certainly some options, but it wasn’t easy to find a book to start with.

Here’s a little story. Like any 10-year-old boy today, a gambling addict can spend an awful lot of time here playing Minecraft. I have had good programming experience with Scratch and spent some time learning to program in ninja code before the pandemic peaked. So learn a programming language that is certainly related to the fun aspect. This experience allowed us to understand concepts such as conditionals and infinite loops in a programming language.

I thought it was time to learn a real programming language and decided to start with Python. The choice of Python as the first language was a no-brainer. Maybe it’s because I thought too much, but I didn’t want to choose a Python book that would interest a child in programming. So it took some time on Google/Amazon to limit the list to a few books.

One of the first books I wanted to try was a relatively new and unobtrusive book called Learning the Basics of Coding for Kids, Young Adults, and People Who Are Still Young at Heart with Python: Python computer programming made easy! by Jack C. Stanley and Erik D. Gross of the Academy of Engineering.

Feedback for adults on learning the basics of Python coding

This is a different kind of book review. Although I took the time to get the book and read it quickly, I didn’t use it. Here are my short thoughts, followed by a short report of a 10-year-old guinea pig who used it at home.

I first thought of the entertaining character of the book with jokes about fathers (reading lame jokes) that could be interesting for a young child. I loved the author’s drawings in the book. The child loved the book and read and worked on more than half of the book in just a few days. It was very nice to see and I was very impressed.

One of the reasons is that we didn’t have to take the time to implement Python as described in the book. I already put Python with Jupyter Labs on my Macbook. The boy could easily have started in Jupiter’s laboratory.

One of my complaints about the book is about the pressure. Especially the way the Python code is printed in the book is too boring and difficult to understand. I shouldn’t really complain though, because the price of the book on Amazon is really low.

Overview of the past 10 years Learning the basics of Python programming

Here’s a review of the children’s book. Those are his own words, unprocessed.

This book is very good and easy to understand. There are many reasons for that: For example, the size of the book. It’s different from the other code books.

Most other programming books show you how to download Python and write code, in a non-fictional format, and I like it. But in this book, it’s a little different: It’s actually a fictional story! There are two characters, Jack and Erik, and they talk about Python, how to install it, the IDE, and of course how to program it. And at the end of each chapter they congratulate the reader and tell him that they are very smart.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who discovers Python, even if they are not children!

Interesting: A 10-year programmer tried to program not only the Jupiter laboratory but also directly on the terminal. And in response, I was told that the man liked terminal coding more than coding in the Jupiter lab. Yeah, certainly not enough time to make that decision. But I had no idea what to say.

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