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Whether you are looking for a new reliable trailer or planning to move your snowmobile to a new garage, one thing you absolutely need to know is the dimensions of your snowmobile.

Dimensioning a snowmobile is not as simple as taking a tape measure and measuring something; there are specific steps to calculate the dimensions of your snowmobile.

That’s the subject of today’s article, so relax and read
to find out how to determine the exact dimensions of your snowmobile.

Each snowmobile is available in different sizes and with a superstructure and a loader. I have selected the best snowmobiles that fit in a truck and are compatible with any type of bodywork. Take a look at the snowmobile equipment I recommend and let me guide you.

What is the size of a

Since we have a measuring length of
, it would be very useful to have a measuring tape near

So we start with the following steps to determine the exact dimensions of your snowmobile:

Calculation of total length

The total length of the snowmobile can be calculated by measuring from the furthest point of the snowmobile to the furthest rear end with the tracks and skis on it.

Calculation of total bread

The total width of the snowmobile is calculated by looking at the widest part and then measuring across.

Calculation of total height

The total height of the snowmobile
can be calculated by considering the highest part
and measuring to the ground.


Now that you know the exact numbers, you sometimes want to convert them into other units, for example. For example in feet, or your measuring tape does not have the units you want, for which we can do simple mathematical conversions.

The formula is as follows:

1 meter = 100 centimeters = 1000 millimeters
= 39.4 inches = 3.3 feet.

For example, for example… B. The
on your snowmobile is about 115 inches long, and you wanted to convert the
to meters, just divide by 39.4, which gives us 2.9 meters. Simple, huh?

After performing all transformations, it is generally recommended to note dimensions such as l * b * h and units of measurement next to the corresponding dimensions (preferably all in the same unit). For example, the dimensions of the Ski-Doo MXZ X can be specified as 292.5 cm. * 121.7 cm. * 126,7 cm.

Dimensions snowmobile (15 examples)

Snowmobile Length Width Height
Ski-Doo MXZ X 292.5 cm (115.2 inches) 121.7 cm (47.9 inches) 126.7 cm (49.9 inches)
Sky-doo – Scandinavian Special Forces Three hundred and thirty-seven centimeters. (132.7 inches) 107.6 cm (42.4 inches) Four hundred and seventy-three centimeters. (52.4 inches)
Ski-Doo Grand Touring Limited 900 ACE 301.4 cm (118.7 inches) 121.7 cm (47.9 inches) 140.5 cm (55.3 inches)
Ski-Doo Friride 154/165 344.5 cm (165 inches) Four feet. (43.7 inches) 136.8 cm. (53.9 inches).
Ski Expedition Du Xtreme 850 E-TEC 333.45 centimeters. (131.28 inches) 118 cm. (46.5 inches) 129.9 cm. (51.1 inches).
Polaris PRO-RK® 155 332.75 cm (131 inches) 110.5 cm (43.5 in.) 124.7 cm (49.1 inch)
Polaris Switchback® Assault® 144 317.5 cm (125 inches) 119.4 cm (47 inches) 138.4 cm (54.5 inches)
Polaris RUSH® PRO-S 289.6 cm (114 inches) 119.4 cm (47 inches) 116.8 cm. (46 inches).
Polaris 600 Indy XC 129 297.2 cm (117 inches) 119.2 cm (47 inches) 116.8 cm. (46 inches).
Arctic Cat Riot 6000 335.1 cm (132 inches) 121.9 cm (48 inches) 121.9 cm (48 inches)
Arctic Cat LYNX 2000 LT 332.74 centimeters. (131 inches) 121.9 cm (48 inches) 134.6 cm (53 inches)
Arctic Cat BARKAT 347.9 cm (137 inches) Twelve inches. (50 in.) 137.16 cm (54 inches)
Arctic Cat ZR 8000 RR 137 317.6 cm (125 inches) 121.3 cm (47.8 inches) 127,3 cm. (50.1 inch)
Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One 165 348.7 cm (137.3 inches) Ten centimeters. (42.5 inches) Twelve inches. (50 in.)
Arctic Cat ZR 120 185.4 cm (73 inches) 91.4 cm (36 inches) 86.3 cm (34 inches)

Does the snowmobile fit on a 4×8 trailer?

The 4×8 trailer is so called because of its dimensions, which are 4′ * 8’1, which means the height (4′) and length (8’1) of the trailer. The net usable height and width, although slightly shorter, and to get a general idea, the U-Haul trailer gives us 7’10 for the length and 3’5 for the width.

You may be wondering why we haven’t talked about the width of the trailer so far. In fact, the width of the semi-trailer varies depending on the company and manufacturer of the snowmobile. In general, the width for this type of small trailer is equal to the height, which is 4′, and the usable height is 3’1.

You can easily find 4×8 trailers at suppliers such as U-Haul or another well-known local
trailer rental company.

According to our conversion formula, the height of the trailer is 116 cm,
, which is insufficient for most snowmobiles, as you can see in

Moreover, when we checked the compatibility of length and width, we found that the length of 238 cm equals the width of 104 cm.

This makes it difficult to load an adult snowmobile into the U-Haul trailer, while a mini snowmobile like the Arctic Cat ZR 120 fits easily into the trailer.

If other trailers in your area offer a flashier option in a 4*8 configuration, then it is better to choose this one or a larger trailer as a whole if available. If you want a U-shaped transport, you have no other choice, but you can choose the mid-size configuration instead of this small one.


In this article
we have therefore discussed how snowmobile sizes can be taken and if a
fits in a 4*8 trailer.

If you want to transport the snowmobile in a trailer, you must take the weight of the snowmobile into account, as each trailer is designed for a certain weight only.

It is also a good idea to take the load capacity of the car into account without damaging it.

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