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9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)


Welcome to the guide and the list of different types of computer mice. A computer mouse is a gadget that we usually see these days, but few people think about it. A mouse is a mouse, right? What’s so interesting? You’d be surprised.

In fact, there are different types of computer mice: wired, wireless, optical, mechanical, laser, trackball and others. What’s the difference between how they work and the best mouse? Read more!


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

Section A
Mouse types

9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

Part B
Useful bits

9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

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9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

Now let’s look at the different types of computer mice in this section.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

They are also called wireless mice and refer to any mouse with a piece of cable that does not protrude. Instead of traditional cables, a wireless mouse uses radio frequency (RF) to communicate with computer equipment. The equation consists of two parts:

  • The mouse itself acts as a transmitter and generates wireless signals when you move and click.
  • The computer will receive these signals wirelessly and act accordingly.

Please note that the wireless part is not universal – some wireless mice use a common Bluetooth standard, others use the 2.4 GHz wireless standard, and still others have their own wireless USB stick.

Good!Freedom! Take the mouse everywhere you go, no dirty cables.

Poor: Requires batteries. Although a wireless mouse consumes very little power and should last for some time, it does occasionally need new batteries. In the middle of a game or presentation, the batteries are always running out – it’s a bad situation.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

As you may have guessed, wired mice refer to any mouse that has a cable and needs to be connected to a computer device. For those who think wired mice are low-tech, outdated and inferior – they are not, and are basically the same as their wireless counterparts. Fewer wireless circuits and no batteries needed.

Good: The battery will never die… Because she’s gone.

Wrong:You are dealing with a piece of cable


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

The source: Wikipedia

A mechanical mouse is something we used in the good old days and it is one of the most traditional mice in the history of computer science. It is also called a ball mouse because it uses a rubber ball to detect movement. This ball rotates while you move the mouse, and the sensors detect the direction in which you are moving.

Good:For a… A mechanical mouse is quite cool, but unfortunately it has disappeared and is no longer in production.

Bad:mechanically driven, wheels and sensors wear out over time.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

It’s a regular Joe mouse you see everywhere these days. But instead of a rubber ball and mechanical sensors, the optical mouse uses an LED and detects movement by changing the reflected light.

Good:No contaminated rubber cleaning balls. But note that, while the optical mouse uses light to detect movement, it is not completely mechanical – the buttons and scroll wheel are always mechanical and will wear out over time. An optical mouse simply works longer with fewer mechanical parts.

Poor: Optical mice do not work well on surfaces that do not reflect light, such as a piece of glass or transparent plastic.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

A laser mouse is also a kind of optical mouse, and its principles are the same – you can feel how the movement reflects the light. But, as the name suggests, a laser mouse uses a laser beam instead of an LED. This allows the use of the mouse especially on glass and plastic surfaces because of the different properties of the light, but also has some inaccuracies.

Good: Working on glass and plastic surfaces.

Poor: Not as accurate as an optical mouse.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

While a typical mouse usually has only 3 buttons, a game mouse is characterized by a large number of buttons and fine-tuning. These extra keys are often programmed to do different things… Mainly for gambling purposes.

Good: Programmable buttons, also very useful for non-game related needs. For example, you can use them as navigation buttons for browsing the web forwards and backwards or to play videos.

Poor: Big and bulky, not for those looking for something more delicate.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

A trackball mouse is a kind of inverted ball mouse. Instead of moving the mouse, it detects movement by rotating the ball with the thumb or palm of the hand. Although it works in the same way as a ball mouse, the design of a trackball mouse is completely different.

The ball itself is usually made of glass or dense plastic, it is smooth and does not attract dirt like sticky rubber Some trackball mice are also made to be held in a hand, and they look more like a remote control than a mouse.

Good: The gadget stays firmly on the table or laptop. The rope will never be confused… Unless you want to do it on purpose.

Poor: Like a ball mouse, it uses mechanical sensors that are sensitive to mechanical disturbances.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

This is a mutated mouse, which is a cross between a pen and a mouse. The stylus mouse, popular among digital artists, has the size of a very thick brush that you can usually use to draw on the computer with your hands free. Yes, some mice with spikes are even sensitive to touch to imitate real brushstrokes on paper.

Good: If you like painting, this is your cup of tea.

Poor: Not an ordinary mouse, the best stylus mouse can be expensive.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

A long time ago we had to carry a separate laser pointer and a mouse and print the presentation with a person? We often had to shout out the next slide to make someone click. A smart monkey thought it would be a good idea to combine a mouse and a laser pointer, and it is.

Good: Laser pointer and mouse, 2 in 1. Some can also be used as an intelligent remote control for your TV.

Poor: Not an ordinary mouse. Depending on the design, some presentation mice do not have a trackball and no possibility to move the cursor.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

Yeah, it’s a mouse standing upright, and you touch it a little… Probably one of the strangest mice on the list, but this design supposedly has better ergonomics.

Good: Should be more ergonomic and comfortable for long hours.

Poor: Not symmetrical, you have to buy specifically for left or right.


Well, everyone has their needs – some just want to do their daily work, others like to draw and others are gamers. Each mouse is designed for different purposes, and in fact no mouse can control them all. So, whatever mouse is good for you, it’s the best.


  • The different kinds of computer mice are mannequins.
  • Different kinds of computer houses – Tevala.


9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

Thanks for reading, and we’ve come to the end of this handbook. I hope this has helped you understand computer mice better. If you have something to bring to this guide, please comment below. Good luck and have fun with your calculations. May the cyber violence go with you.

9 Computer mouse types (with pictures)

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