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9 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for 2020

The vast majority of us have to take different medications at some point in our lives. With our busy schedules, it’s easy to forget to stick to the dosage. The situation is more serious when it comes to our older parents struggling with serious illnesses. Elderly people usually miss one or two doses due to a clear oblivion. They often try to make up for this by taking all the missed doses at once, which is dangerous. It is therefore important to have a tool that reminds you to take your medication when you need it.

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Table-top vending machines have been specially designed for this purpose. In this article we will think about why we need a pill machine. You will also get information on what to look for in the pill dispenser. Finally, we’re gonna tear down the best pill machines.

Advantages of the tablet dispenser


Taking medication in the wrong order can be devastating to your health. Automatic pill dispensers ensure that this does not happen. Dispensers are divided into compartments that can contain a dozen or more pills. You can take the pills in any order. The other distributors will organize them for you. So you can be sure you’re taking the right medication when you need it.

Time measurement

The dispensers are supplied with an integrated alarm system. These alarms will continue to sound until you take your medication. They can barely sleep and some call until 1 pm. In addition, some dispensers are equipped with alarms that also have flashing lights. Even if you don’t hear the bell, the flashing lights will attract your attention.

Easy administration of medication

The pill dispensers are automatic. You don’t have to fight the pill bottle cap to get your medicine. Most have a mechanism that turns the tablet and releases your dose. Just take the pills and swallow.


Pillboxes come with multiple trays and contain dozens of pills. You can fill in a prescription in the vending machine for a month, issue an alarm and take medication only after the alarm has been set off. Table-top vending machines ensure that you don’t have to remember the order of your recipes for a long time.

Access to medical records

Smart pill dispensers give you access to your medical history. Whether Bluetooth or WiFi is enabled, you can connect the dispenser to an application on your phone or tablet. So if you need to remember whether or not you have finished prescribing a particular medicine, just get off the phone and read your notes. You can do this even when you’re not at home. Pretty handy, huh?

Purchasing guide

Now you’re being sold to find out why you need a pill machine and that’s what you’re in the market for. How do I know which one to buy? These are the most important characteristics that deserve attention:

Continuously variable alarm

There’s really no point in having a pill machine if he only calls once. You will need a number of alarms, especially if you tend to forget or if you have a hearing problem. Many tablet dispensers will ring for a few minutes until you take your medicine. The alarm can and must be accompanied by flashing lights. It is good for the hearing impaired or for people who fall into a deep sleep. A good alarm doesn’t cut your ears off either. You can receive an alarm clock with voice prompts, not an alarm. You also have an alarm clock option with an adjustable sound. There is no better memory of staying healthy than the voice of a loved one, perhaps a child or grandchild, telling you to take care of yourself.


You don’t need a vending machine that has to be recharged every day. The inner size of the dispenser must have several or even dozens of compartments. The compartments should also be large enough for even larger pills. Once you’ve downloaded your pills, all you have to do is hear the alarm. At the same time, the dispenser should not be too large so that it is not uncomfortable to carry. The dispenser must be portable so that it can be taken with you when travelling or on holiday. For the elderly, the portable pipette is less stressful to handle.

Intelligent technical capabilities

In addition to the automatic operation, a good tablet dispenser is technologically included. The Wi-Fi tablet vending machine downloads all your prescriptions securely to the right phone application. This way you can keep an eye on your medication, even if you are not at the pill machine. The intelligent pill dispensers also ensure that the schedule is adhered to, especially for children and the elderly. Some of them send a text message or e-mail to the guard if an alarm has remained unanswered for a long time. This makes registration easier and lets you know what happens if the medication is not taken.


Best Tablet Vending Machines 2020

#1 Medical Ready 1700 Medical Donor

This pipette comes with a set of keys to open and close the pipette. No one else has access inside and can change the medication. The dispenser is also spacious with 28 compartments each with a maximum of 9 tablets. You can easily store your medication and forget to restart the dispenser for a few weeks. The dual alarm system allows the installation of one or two alarms. During installation, focus on the small LCD screen. The alarm system is also equipped with a low-frequency flashing light. The light and alarm only work together when you open the dispenser door. You’ll never miss a dose like that.

The MedReady pipette is electrically powered. In the event of a power failure, battery backup will keep you on course. The dosing trays are rotated to dose up to 4 pills at a time. They do not have access to previous doses, a function that prevents overdose.


  • Suitable for multiple dosing cycles, so a constant load is not necessary.
  • The installation of the lock and key protects the medication against external intrusion.
  • The flashing light also attracts your attention while you sleep.
  • The alarm will go off until you open the vending machine door to take your medication.
  • Battery backup lets you stay on course even in the event of a power outage.


  • The alarm may be too low for the hearing impaired.
  • If you miss a dose, you can’t take it.

#2 MedTime e-Pill Vending Machine

This automatic pill dispenser is intended for a person with a complicated medication program. The medicine tray has 28 compartments, each containing up to 18 normal tablets. Two keys are provided to protect your medication. To remind you to stick to the schedule, the dispenser can program up to 6 alarms per day. The alarm may be accompanied by a flashing light to warn you wherever you are. Each alarm can go off for up to 30 minutes or until you take your medication.

In case of storage problems there is a dump truck in this machine. The tilt system allows you to gently tilt the dispenser to release the medication. Your wrist won’t be tense when you do this. The agent falls into a steel bowl on the bottom, where it can be easily absorbed and swallowed.


  • A BPA-free design and a stainless steel cup do not make your health more difficult.
  • The dump truck gives access to the medication without hurting itself or tipping over.
  • Two locking keys prevent others from interfering with your medication.
  • 6 alarms and a flashing light ensure that you never miss a dose.
  • Suitable for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


  • You have to spill, or the drugs will fall on the floor.
  • The batteries only last continuously for one month.

#3 MedaCube Tablet Vending Machine

This smart tablet dispenser has 8 small packs and 4 small boxes. You can store pills for up to 90 days in these containers. You don’t have to sort the drugs: Just pour it in and the sorting will be done for you. A maximum of 12 different types of medicines can be stored in this dispenser.  This dispenser is designed for a person who easily forgets and sends an alert by e-mail or text message to his or her family or guardian. It’s hard for you to forget the dose. An alarm clock is set via the touch screen and is easy to use.

You can set a custom tone to act as an alarm clock. You can use your favorite song or a voice recording of your children or loved ones. It is powered by electricity, but in the event of a power failure, it keeps the battery back-up for 24 hours.


  • WiFi with the ability to send reminders to the family so you don’t forget.
  • The individual tone protects against annoying alarms.
  • Easy to use, sort or compile is not necessary: everything is automatic.
  • The 24-hour battery backup keeps the dispenser running, even in the event of a power failure.
  • Spacious, with pills for 90 days.


  • No obvious flaws.

#4 MedSmart PlusPillendispenser

Another dispenser with an e-mail or SMS alert system is the MedSmart Plus tablet dispenser. It is portable with a screen so you can easily set up your alarm system. The display also shows the number of available doses per day. There is an early dosing function that allows you to take your medication earlier, in case you leave the house. The MedSmart Plus alarm will sound until you use the dispenser. If you do not take your medication within one hour of the alarm, an e-mail or text message will be sent to your family or guardian.

MedSmart Plus has 2 medication pallets, each with compartments for up to 20 tablets. You can keep your medication for one month without renewal. With Wi-Fi turned on, you can access your medication history even when you are away from home.


  • An audible alarm with a flashing light to let you know when you need to take your medication.
  • Notification by e-mail or text message to healthcare providers 60 minutes after the sound alarm.
  • The Early Dose feature ensures that you won’t miss a single dose, even if you leave the house before the alarm goes off.
  • You can access your medication even when you’re not at home.
  • It is equipped with a backup battery to store reminders in case of a power failure.


  • It should be turned around the pills that make the situation uncomfortable for the elderly or people with arthritis.
  • You have to be docked to work, and someone can make sure it’s neglected.

#5 MedSmart Voice PlusTablet Vending Machine

With this automatic pill dispenser, you will certainly be in control of your planning. It has several compartments that can hold up to two dozen pills at a time. This means you can simply download the dispenser and forget about it for a month or more. The LCD screen helps you to set the alarm. You can set up to 6 daily alarms with voice reminders. Memories of voices are more pleasant than memories of songs. There is also a flashing light that works at the same time as the alarm. This voice distributor has Bluetooth capabilities. This means you can activate the alarm with your mobile phone. You can also consult your medical history over the phone. Bluetooth works as long as you are within 15 meters of the dispenser.


  • Bluetooth for remote setting and display of dosing paths.
  • Suitable for dozens of pills at a time to simplify loading.
  • has a spare battery that can last up to 2 months in the event of a power failure.
  • The pills are protected by two keys.
  • The alarm goes off for an hour until the medication is taken.


  • The watch adjusts itself, resulting in wrong doses.

#6 LiveFine Tablet Vending Machine

This tablet dispenser is powered by AA batteries, which are easy to find and replace. It has 28 compartments, each containing up to 18 different types of tablets. Depending on your dosage, you may have to start again after a month. For security reasons, the pill dispenser comes with two keys. The pills are sealed, protected against burglary and accidental overdose. The dispenser rotates on the spot so that you have access to the tablets. You can set it so that the tablets are administered up to 6 times a day, depending on the dosage. The LiveFine tablet dispenser is easy to set up thanks to the LCD display, which can be used even in poor visibility. Your information remains safe and your settings are stored, even if the batteries are depleted and the dispenser is switched off.


  • It can store hundreds of pills at a time, making it easy to load.
  • Built-in power saving function that turns off the display after 10 minutes to save power.
  • They are powered by AA batteries, which are easy to find.
  • LED lights and alarms to keep you on time with your planning
  • The dose settings are retained even when the battery is low, so you do not need to restart the dose.


  • Replacing the battery can make life difficult for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

#7 Fuels and lubricants Vending machines Tablet dispenser

This shelf dispenser comes with a metal lock. You can secure the cover and make sure no one else has access to it. This greatly reduces the risk of overdose or counterfeit medicines. It has 28 compartments with a maximum of 18 pills each. Depending on your dosage, you may not need to refill the tray within a month. You can easily see your pills through the transparent lid and follow your dose with the dosage rings. This small and light pipette is very portable and easy to move. It runs on batteries, which makes it more portable. Even when the batteries are low, the dosing settings are stored so that you can adhere to the schedule.


  • It is easy to plan the dosage because it contains dozens of pills.
  • Reduces the stress of recalibration by maintaining dose settings even when the power is off.
  • You can keep an eye on your medication without having to unlock it through a transparent lid.
  • Suitable for schedules that require up to 6 times the medication.
  • High portability and low weight.


  • It is not waterproof, so medication can get wet if liquid is accidentally spilled on it.

#8 VitaWorks Tablet Vending Machine

This tablet dispenser is designed to be accurate and easy to use. There are 28 compartments with a maximum of 18 pills each. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can concentrate on taking the pills for about a month. The dosage ring helps you to adjust the dispenser to your daily dose. As soon as it is time to take the pills, the tablet is rotated to release the pills needed for that dose. This is very important to prevent an accidental overdose. Security is further enhanced by a key that keeps all pills out of reach.

The alarm on this machine goes off for 30 minutes and is accompanied by a flashing red light. Whether you are sleeping or have hearing problems, this alarm will certainly get your attention. Just turn him over so he can take the pills and turn off the alarm.


  • Included for use within one month in 28 compartments.
  • Battery-powered and suitable for travelers who need to take medication.
  • It comes with a special key to keep your pills out of reach.
  • You can set off an alarm so that your favorite number or the voice of someone close to you reminds you to take your medication.
  • The alarm only goes off when the medication is taken.


  • It’s all about turning everything upside down to get free medication, which makes life difficult for people with mobility problems.

#9 MedCenter 31-day tablet organizer

One of the best pill dispensers on this list. It has 31 compartments, 4 of which are inside for a maximum of 4 daily doses. At the end of the dose, the compartment turns green within a day. It reduces confusion about where to start and where to end. The pill dispenser has a built-in alarm that can go off up to 4 times a day. The voice reminds you to take your medication before that date. To stop the alarm, press the acknowledge button.

The boxes are marked with a date. You can easily compare the date in the box with the date of the alarm clock and the date on the display. That way you can be sure you’re taking the right dose. The dispenser runs on batteries and requires light AA batteries for operation.


  • He can keep his medication for up to a month.
  • Easy to use, just open the compartment to access the medication.
  • The three-step dosage adjustment ensures that the right medication is taken daily.
  • A voice signal is a more discreet reminder than ringtones.
  • The buds turn green at the end of the daily dose, reducing the risk of an overdose.


  • Opening offices can be difficult for people with dexterity problems.
  • Alarms can be activated or deactivated even with less than 4 doses per day.


There’s a pill dispenser for everyone. Whether you want a paint dispenser with an adjustable alarm clock that you can set at your leisure, a more technologically advanced paint dispenser or just a simple alarm clock dispenser, you are sure to find one that meets your needs. Make sure your pill machine is the right one for you. If you have a hearing problem, you should buy a lamp that also has a flashing light. If you have mobility problems, such as arthritis, buy a dispenser that automatically releases medication without you having to take care of it. And if you’re on the road all the time, buy a lightweight, battery-operated dispenser. So you can live a healthy and balanced life.



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