Not many people know that Xiaomi started out as a software company.

They introduced their own shell for Android phones, now known as MIUI, which is the current interface for Mi phones.

The user interface here offers a very smooth interface and a very good user experience.

They have their own software and hardware built into their phones.

If we look at the redmi phones, they play with the market of the economy segment and have hardware and software tuned to that market.

If we look at their history, we can see that they really started their service in a very different and unique way than a traditional phone manufacturer.

You may know that when they started, they didn’t have stores, and they didn’t have partnerships with stores.

Their only source of income was selling their products online and via social media.

It is this technique that they applied that made it possible for this company to easily produce their phones at a very affordable price while offering good functionality.

Xiaomi is a brand that has conquered the Indian market with its MI3 smartphone in just 2 years.

In fact, they sold their product on an e-commerce site called Flipkart, which is very popular in India.

The company really followed the flash sales technique here, where crowds sign up and wait for sales to begin before they can get their hands on the product.

They have seen the benefits of this flash sale because they make their brand and products popular. Indeed, when someone wants to buy them a phone, they ask their 4 or 5 extra friends to log in and try to add the product to the shopping cart, which helps the company to promote their device without spending a penny.

The company then decided to sell its smartphones only with this strategy and quickly became one of the most popular brands in the country.

This company then decided to take the next step and decided to divide its phones into two categories. One was called Mi and the other Redmi.

If you want to know the difference between the two, you can compare the ratings of the Samsung series with those of the Samsung S string up.

Now let me discuss the main point of difference between Redmi and Mi phones.

1. Quality of telephone construction

When it comes to smart microphones, the devices are designed for people who use phones very intensively.

These smartphones have better processing capabilities and higher speeds. Since these are Xiaomi’s high-end phones, they have a better processor than the microphone.

When you look at redmi phones, they are more focused on giving people good features at the lowest possible price.

2. Phone camera quality

If you look at the phones on the micron line, you’ll see that the included camera is of the highest quality with superior features such as optical image stabilization, manual mode, dual flash and much more.

If you look at the red line, you can see that the quality of the camera is not good at all and that you can only take average pictures with this camera.

3. Phone design

In the case of mi, the design is very good, with the latest type of design in fashion, and you can feel that the device is actually made with top quality materials.

The design of the redmi phones is generally also good, all phones are made of metal.

However, some parts of the phone, such as the buttons, top and bottom of the phone, are made of plastic, which does not give the user a premium feeling.

4. Software updates

With mi phones, you get software updates quickly and efficiently.

With redmi phones, software updates are often late and have some bugs.

Don’t get me wrong, the redmi software generally performs well and the bugs are also quite negligible here.

5. Processor

The processor used in Mi phones is first-class and state-of-the-art.

In the case of redmi phones, the processor is global average and is intended for users who are not large consumers and who want to play games on their phone with the highest settings.

6. Sustainability

In this case, I would say that today’s broadband phones have a glass back and are usually vulnerable, even mi.

In the case of redmi, the phone you get will be more durable because the discount phone always comes with metal backs that make it more durable.

7. User experience

With Mi phones, you get the first-class experience and feeling you expect.

In the case of redmi I would say that the phone is a bit more user-oriented and offers better features for the price they pay.

It’s a total tribute between mine and the red phone.


So it was a total tribute to Mee v. Redmy in detail.

I hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful. If you have another redmi vs. mi worship, you can mention it in the comments below.

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