Social media commerce is a complex game. Creating content and increasing the number of followers is not an easy task. Many online media personalities and figures struggle to expand their audience and increase their followers. This may lead them to avoid the influence of social media and abandon them completely. But the impact of social media requires patience and virtue. Ultimately, your goal is to reach a broad audience and build a network as quickly as possible. Kind of influence only found in mass text applications. So don’t be discouraged by the initial difficulties with social media, but find a way around them, overcome them and grow your customer base no matter what you do. No degree in economics is required. All it takes is a few nudges and the ball starts moving. Here are four easy ways to increase your social media followers.

4… Refine your niche

You may not believe it, but it’s not easy to cast a line out to sea and expect to always catch a fish! Think about it. How big is the ocean? And how big is your fishing line? So to guarantee a catch, you need to find a spot in the water where you know there are lots of fish. The bottom line is that as a social media influencer, you can expect a single online message on a particular topic to be enough to capture the attention of a large group of viewers. You need to define your theme or niche and publish a specific topic. For example, you may be a lifestyle blogger, but what kind of lifestyle blogger are you? Do you write about fitness and health? Or about design and art? Maybe you write about self-esteem and peace of mind? Each of these blog domains is different and has its own followers and audience. Refine your niche so you can specify the audience you want to target.

3- Make your messages funny

Social media is essentially a leisure application and an entertainment activity. People go on social media to have fun. Although it has recently become more popular with business owners as a means of promoting their products, companies are using social media in a fun and casual way rather than a professional and rigorous approach. Therefore, if you are a social media influencer, you should try to make your posts entertaining and engaging. Don’t just show information and texts. Add aesthetics to your stations. Create entertaining videos, informative computer graphics, catchy captions and witty text. You want to both entertain your audience and offer them a service or knowledge. Find the right combination of all these elements, and you’ll be attracting new fans in no time.

2 – Communicate with your followers

The mistake many social media influencers and online businesses make is not paying enough attention to their followers. They tend to see social media as a one-way channel where interaction, attention and engagement are never mutually beneficial. If you want to succeed on social media, you need to get approval from your followers, not just their followers. This requires regular interaction and engagement with them. Respond to their comments in your social media posts. Share your reactions. Respond to their messages and direct requests. By doing all this and more, you can connect with your audience and help normalize the relationship between you and them.

1. Stick to what’s important.

Every industry, every niche has the topic that is most talked about and dominates that particular niche at that time. In sports, for example, summer championships and playoffs dominate the industry narrative. Nothing else matters but who is in the playoffs and who has the best chance of winning the championship. So as a social media influencer or blogger, you should strive to stay relevant. If you can, or better yet, try to anticipate what it refers to and blog about it in advance. For example, when it comes to sports topics, a good way to anticipate playoff topics is to publish them a month or two in advance. You can make predictions about who might win, who might not win, who has the best chance and who has the worst chance. This will show your audience that you are in the know and help you beat the competition in terms of relevance.

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